Wednesday, August 19, 2009

TBAI...what a wonderful event!

We got back from Binghamton NY on Sunday from TBAI...Teddy Bear Artist Invitational and what a wonderful time!
This is always such a wonderful event...filled with incredible artistry, fantastic food and loads of laughs and bear hugs!
We met some old friends...and made some new ones! Kath and ROCK!
This was a special show as is our bears that find homes with our collectors but we were so honored to be presented with a special bear from one of our collectors.
As she had put it "I have so many pieces of your work...its time you have one or mine"
Thank you SO much Leslie....."Hope" holds a very special place in our collection and in our hearts!
We're still uploading pics from the show but will be sharing them with you shortly...stay tuned!

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